About Maria

Maria Bauer – a pioneer within conflict management and
leadership. Maria Bauer is a behavioral scientist, trained advisor, author and Swedens leading lecturer about professional treatment of threats and violence in the workplace.

Maria has twenty-five years work experience, spanning over a wide variety of fields such as social work, judiciary, health care and welfare. Maria Bauer has for more then fifteen years tried to raise the question of how to treat and respond to violence and threat
and have successfully got it on the agenda.
Interest for these questions has never been greater and the demand for education is constantly growing. Maria is today seen as a pioneer within the field of conflict management, treatment of and response to aggressive individuals, and how to prevent violence in the workplace. Her work is based on the latest research in this field. Maria has also developed unique ways to prevent violence, and together with professor Marianne Kristiansson she has written the book Hot och våld på jobbet (studentlitteratur,2012).

Maria Bauer has for the last ten years run the company Maria Bauer AB and offers tutoring, education and counselling for personnel in the above mentioned fields. Especially on subjects such as conflict management, violence prevention, self-injury, mental illness and psychiatry etc.
She works as an expert-consultant in difficult personnel cases on a regularly basis, and based on her long work experience she has developed her own specialized education for managers.

Maria has contributed with new perspectives and strategies on the subject threat and violence at work. Maria Bauers education for managers is most appreciated, which shows that her ability to analyse organisations and group dynamics is remarkable. Maria’s way of explaining complex and difficult matters in a comprehensible way is well spoken of.

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